Starting a blog with wordpress as a newbie in 2020

Looking towards starting a wordpress blog? Don’t be scared because i know creating a wordpress blog will look a little bit techy. We have helped a good number of users create their blog and that is the reason why we have put this detailed guide together.


The process of creating a blog is very easy. Even if you are young or older it is a very easy task no matter how old or how young you might be.

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Listed below are three things you have to get in order to start a blog :


  • A domain name and this will be the name of your blog (e.g. : wetechhub.com)
  • A hosting server and this is where your website files will be uploaded.
  • Your undivided attention when going through this guide.

After all said below are list of topics we will be covering in this guide


  • Registering a domain name.
  • Choosing the best hosting service.
  • WordPress installation.
  • Installing new theme.
  • Publishing your first blog post.
  • Using plugin to customize your wordpress blog.
  • Installing contact form with contact form plugin.
  • Setting up Google analytics on your blog.
  • Optimizing your blog with seo.
  • Making money from your blog.

Setting up your blog:

The mistake most newbie make when trying to start a blog is making use of the wrong platform. That’s why we are here to put you through on the right track. If you are starting up with your blog, we would advise you make use of wordpress.org

Why do we suggest wordpress.org? We suggest it because it is free to use and with wordpress.org you can install any plugin and themes for free.

I know you would be wondering what the catch is since wordpress is free. Well wordpress.org is free, but you will have to purchase your own domain name and hosting.


What is a domain name?


A domain name is what people type in search engines in order to view your website.

What is a Hosting server?

A hosting server is where your site live. It is the house of your website.

Normally a domain name cost 12-14.99 dollar a month and around 7.99 dollar per month for hosting. But as a beginner it might be very expensive for you. That is why we recommend the use of bluehost when making a purchase for your domain name and hosting.

With bluehost as a new user, you get a free domain for the first year and 60% off the normal hosting cost.

Bluehost is one of the leading hosting companies we have out there. Bluehost is one of the hosting company that has been trusted over time.

Having hosted over millions of websites without having server downtime. They have proven to be one of the best over time and that is the reason why we recommend bluehost to our readers.

Note: In other to be transparent to our readers, we would like to let you know that if you make a purchase on bluehost through a link from our website, we would be getting a little commission for each purchase and be rest assured that this will not affect the cost of your purchase.

Let us purchase your domain name and hosting together.

Open up bluehost in a new tab and follow the process below.

Firstly you have to click on the “green started button” in order to get started with your purchase.

When the next screen opens up you will be asked to choose a plan of your choice and the most popular plan is the basic and plus plan.

After choosing a plan you will be asked to choose a domain name for your website.

Finally you will have to input account information and finish the package information in other to finish the process. We best recommend you go with the 36 months plan and this is because it gives you the best value.

On the same screen display you will see additional extras that can be added ,we do not think you need those extras and if you tend to need them in the future you can always go back to add the extras.

When the process is completed you will receive an email containing the details of your control panel. Your control panel is were all your website setup will be done ranging from creating customized emails to installing your wordpress website.


Scroll down to website sections below the page and click on install wordpress icon.

Immediately you will be redirected to the bluehost marketplace quick install page. Kindly click on get started button.

When the next screen opens, you will be asked to select your domain. You will have to select your domain from the dropdown menu and click next.

Next you will have to input your website name, your username and password for your site. You have to check all the boxes and click install.

The quick install will start installing wordpress and the bluehost market place will prompt you to choose a theme. You do not have to choose any theme as we would walk through how to get and install a free theme in the next step.

When wordpress installation is completed successfully, you will see a success notice displayed at the top header of the page.

Next click on the completion link, you will be redirected to a page with your username and your password and your wordpress admin dashboard url.

Hurray! You have created your first wordpress website.

Your wordpress url will look like this:

https:// yoursite.com/wp-admin

Next you  will have to click on the website url link displayed earlier in other to be redirected to the admin login page were you will input your login details in order to access your admin dashboard.

Now we are ready to customize our website and start blogging.

Selecting wordpress theme for your website 

The visuals of your wordpress website depends on a theme. When you visit your wordpress website the first time after installation, you will see the way it will be displayed below:


With the above image you will see it is not very appealing so you will have to customize the look and feel of your website.

Customizing the look and feel of your blog is one of the most interesting part when creating your wordpress website.<.p>

There are a lot of predefined theme you can install on your wordpress website some of them are free while some are paid.

Changing your wordpress theme is very easy. You can change your theme from your website dashboard by going to Appearance >> Themes

After clicking themes you should click on add new button.

When the next screen displays you will be able to search the directory of over 50,000+ themes and you can filter your search by sorting through latest, popular or featured theme.

When you hover your mouse on a theme you will be able to see the preview button. When you click on the preview button it will open up a preview page were you will be able to see how your website will look like if you make use of the theme.


The preview of your theme may not look exactly as the screenshot but it is no issue because you will have to customize the theme to your own satisfaction. What you should be looking out for is the design, the colors, typography and the layouts of the theme.


One of the best tips to selecting a perfect wordpress theme is to go for simplicity in design .It makes your website look clean and make things clear in other to give your users a good experience.

After you have found the theme you feel is good for your blog, you should over your mouse on the theme and the install button will appear. Click on the install button.

After clicking on the installation button, the installation will start and when the theme is done installing an activation button appears on the theme. You will have to activate the theme in other for the theme to go live.

When you are done installing the theme, you should customize it by clicking on customized under the appearance menu.

If you need any sort of help when trying to select a theme, you should go through our detailed guide on things you need to put into consideration when selecting a theme.

When you are done selecting, installing and activating your theme you can now go ahead to create your first blog post.

Publishing your first blog post

In order to write your first blog post, click on POST>> ADD NEW menu on your wordpress admin dashboard.

An editor area will be displayed where you can make your first blog post.

When you are done writing your blog post, click on publish button at the right side in order to publish the post you wrote.

With this you have successfully created your first blog post.

You will notice at the right side you have categories and tags and they can be used to organize your blog post. You can look at our guide on categories versus tags  we recommended you take a look in other for you to understand the usefulness of categories and tags.

In order to utilize all the options on the post screen, we would advise you read our article on how to add a new post in wordpress.

Most times as a beginner you are skeptical about the use of page and post, that is while we have written a detailed guide on the difference between post and pages in wordpress .


When you are done creating your first post, you will want to look at creating other elements on your websites such as galleries, sliders contact form and much more.

In other to add this additional features, it will be best if you make use of plugins.

WORDPRESS PLUGINS: This are apps that allows you to add features on your website.

We have numerous types of plugins and this plugins has their various functions and this means no matter what you are looking forward to do with wordpress there is always a plugin for it.

For more information you can go through our step by step guide on how to install wordpress plugin.

With that we would look at how to use plugin to add some features on your wordpress website.

Creating contact form in wordpress

Every website on the web today needs a contact form and this is because it gives users the ability to contact you directly.

WordPress does not come with a contact form feature so we would need a form builder plugin in order to create a form on our website.

As a new user we would recommend the use of the Wpform lite plugin. It is the free version of the wpform plugin .Which is in our list of  best contact form plugins for wordpress .

This plugin can be installed by clicking on PLUGIN >> ADD new plugin page by clicking wpforms in the search box Next you need to click install then activate. After activation you need to click on the wpforms>> add new in order to create new form.


The wpforms builder interface will be displayed.

Firstly you need to enter your desired name for the form and click on simple form template.

Wpforms will create a new form with all the required field. You can change the field or add new field from the option on the left column.

When you are through editing the form click on the save form button and exit the form builder.


After that you can create a new page on wordpress by clicking on pages >> add new page you can name the page “contact us”. When the edited screen is displayed you will need to enter the wpforms block into the editor.


You can go ahead to save and publish the page and also you can visit the page via your browser in order to see how your form look. If you need further help creating a contact form you can check our guide  on how to create a contact form in wordpress .

Setting up Google Analytics for tracking your blog visitors

With Google analytics you get to see how many people visits your blog, where they come from and the action they took on your blog.

It is a very good decision to install Google analytics on your blog when starting out, so that you can see how your blog has performed over time.

The first thing is to visit Google analytics websites  and sign in with your Gmail account. After signing in you can register for a Google analytics account which is free.

Your information and your website url will be requested from you and after submission you will be presented with a Google analytics tracking code.

After that we would make use of a plugin to fetch and add the code to our blog.

Go back to your WordPress admin dashboards and install Monterinsight plugin .It is a free Google analytics plugin that allows you to fetch and add code on your website.

After you are done activating Monsterinsight you will need to go to Insight>>settings in order to configure the plugin settings.


When the settings page is displayed you will have to click on “Authenticate with your Google account” button in order to connect Google analytics to your wordpress website.

Follow the onscreen message and when you are done you will be able to see your website analytics on your wordpress dashboard displayed by monsterinsights.

In other to get detailed instructions you can visit our article on how to create Google analytics on wordpress.

Optimizing your wordpress blog for seo.

It is seen that most users do not optimize their blog for seo. If your website is search engine optimized your website will be able to be seen on search engines. If you are looking forward to getting more traffic, it is better your blog is search engine optimized from the first day.

In order to get started you will have to install yoast seo plugin. It is a seo plugin that will help you optimize your blog for seo.

After activation a menu named seo will appear on your dashboard, by clicking on the menu. It will take you to the plugin settings page.

The plugin comes along with quick configuration wizard that will walk through the configuration. You can visit our detailed guide on  Yoast Seo  in other to set it up manually.

We also recommend you follow our step by step wordpress seo guide in order to get started with seo for your blog.

Making money from your blog 

You have successfully created your blog and wondering how do make money from my blog?

There are various ways to make money from your blog and most times people tell you it is very easy. But the truth is that there is nothing like get rich quick when it comes to blogging. You will have to put all the effort needed to make money from your blog.

We have a detailed guide on  how to monetize your blog in order to start making income.

Back to how to monetize your blog to start making money from it:


A lot of bloggers make money from their blog by displaying advertisements. If you have in mind to monetize your blog by displaying ad on your blog, Google AdSense is the best way to make money from your blog.

Google AdSense is the largest advertisement network out there. Google AdSense acts as a middleman between content publishers and advertisers.

For more details about Google AdSense you can go through our guide on how to add Google AdSense on your website the right way. 


Affiliate programs are another way bloggers make money from their blog.

This can be done by recommending a particular product or services to their readers and if a reader ends up purchasing a product or a service through your affiliate links, the blogger in return gets an affiliate commission.

The main thing in affiliate marketing is recommending high quality product and services that you have make use of and you feel they are nice and good.

To know more about affiliate marketing, you can go through our detailed guide on how to make money from your blog using affiliate marketing.

Online store

A lot of bloggers make money from their blog selling personal products or services. And this can be physical products, digital products and eBooks and even render consultation services.

And this best way to sell stuff on your blog is using woo commerce. With woo commerce plugin you can list products on your website and easily attach payment gateway in other to receive payment on your blog.

In other to know more about woo commerce and how to use it, you can read up our guide on how to create an online store with wordpress.


With this our detailed guide, we would assume you already have a head start on how to start a blog and also on how to monetize your blog. In order to get notification when we make a new post, you can easily subscribe to our newsletter .


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