20 Most Needed WordPress Plugin for Business Website Creation in (2020)

If you are looking for WordPress plugin to take your business to the next level in this our present century it is kind of overwhelming and this is because we have more than 20,000 WordPress plugin you can choose from as a new business..

In this article we would be discussing some WordPress plugin that are mostly needed by new business owners in order to take their business to the next level.

Most times our readers send out emails requesting we tell them the best WordPress plugin for Seo, Social Media Marketing  and also email marketing .

Using the best WordPress plugins for your business website will help your business grow online rapidly .

We would share of experience with the WordPress plugin we would be writing about


Good communication is one of the medium some businesses become successful. With the slack plugin collaborative communication among team members has been made very easy and a good collaborative communication between coworkers produces better results among staff.

Below are some of the efficiency of slack :

Slack has a WordPress plugin that can be easily installed in WordPress .

Slack has a good notification system that is very effective and it can be configured to its users needs .

Providing professional communication to your staff can be enhanced with slack . learn how to integrate slack into your WordPress website .


Most business website can’t do without WP-forms and this is a fact that has been  proven in the sense that business owners will always want prospective customers or clients to contact them . Therefore business owners always see the need to use contact form on their website and that is why WP-forms plugin is one of the must use plugin for your business WordPress website .

WP-forms is a drag and drop WordPress form builder and it can be used to build different types of online forms such as payment billing form , online poll , surveys and much more . in fact with this online form builder you can build any type of online forms easily without stress.

And creating customized WordPress user registration and login systems has been made easy with WP-forms.

If you are looking for how to get more leads for your business we would advise you to make  use of WP-forms.  Learn how to install WP-forms of WordPress .


With WordPress plugin backup-buddy , you would no longer be worried about data loss . Especially being worried of losing all the work you have put in designing your WordPress website . Smart businesses makes use of Backup-buddy to make sure their websites are safe .

With this plugin you can backup theme files plugins and media files also Backup-buddy can we customize to your own satisfaction . Are you looking forward to using backup-buddy on your website ? read our article on  how to install and use  backup-buddy plugin in WordPress.

Monster Insight

Monster-insight is one of the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress .With monster insight you can properly connect your website with google analytics and this helps you know how many people visited your website, the demographic of the people and also analyses each page performance on your website .

The good aspect about the plugin is that all your website statistics are shown in your WordPress dashboard once you login.

We have a detailed article that will teach you  how to install google analytics on WordPress website 

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 has some similar features with WP-forms , Contact Form 7 is also an online form builder which is also very useful for building various types of online form for your business WordPress website .

But with contact form 7 you can create multiple contact forms for your website easily without having to go through stress . It has simple markup that can be used to create good looking forms easily .This plugin also supports ajax submitting and ajax.

Contact form 7 have been very useful for most users and we find a lot of persons nowadays making use of this online form plugin on their websites .

To learn more about this plugin kindly read our article on how to install and use the contact form 7 WordPress plugin .


Getting more visitors to your business website is very paramount in order to grow your business . With yoast seo WordPress plugin you can attract more visitors to your website and which is very good for business .. If you have a physical business

WordPress has a lot of  seo plugins but Yoast seo has proven to be one of the best plugin so far and this is because of the numerous features that comes with yoast seo plugin.  Yoast seo plugin gives you the opportunity to edit meta tag , website description and much more . With yoast Seo you can also generate your sitemap also connect  your website to google search console.

To get a complete guide on how to set up Yoast Seo on your website , kindly read up our article on WordPress website Seo. 

Google Maps Builder

Google maps builder is a very good builder for business who have physical location .Having google maps builder on your website helps prospective client locate your business area easily . This plugin has helped a lot of businesses get prospective clients visiting their business place .

What benefit do you look forward to getting from this plugin :

Good and professional looking user experience .

Getting more clients visiting your business location .

Looking forward to if you are looking forward to using google maps builder on your WordPress website you can read our article on how to use google maps builder on WordPress websites


OptinMonster is a software that helps you optimize the conversion rate on your website . With this WordPress plugin you can convert your WordPress website visitors to email subscribers or paying customers.

This plugin comes with an already made opt-in forms that can be customized to your needs . You can easily set each campaign in respect to what you want to achieve.

Who is this WordPress plugin meant for ? This plugin is meant for bloggers , business owners and much more. If you want to know how to go about using OptinMonster on your website you can go through our detailed guide on how to us OptinMonster on WordPress website.

Header and Footer

The header and footer wordpress plugin plays a lot of important role in displaying important information to your website visitors .. This plugin helps to implement changed to your header and footer of your website without having to alter your website theme .

This WordPress plugin gives user the ability to be able to:

  • Implement Google analytics on any website theme.
  • Implement any scripts on any WordPress theme.
  • Implement Facebook pixel on the header of your WordPress theme. 

We have detailed guide on how to implement and use header and footer plugin on your website. 


Woo-commerce is an  eCommerce plugin for WordPress website. If you are looking towards selling physical goods of digital goods , woo-commerce is the best choice and this is because selling of products of any type size or variation is made possible with the use of this plugin .

Why you should use woo-commerce : 

  • Easy processing of payments with any currency of your choice .
  • Setup your shipping to globally without additional charges . 
  • Ability to have total control of the design of your store .

Woo-commerce had made eCommerce very easy for business . You can read more about how to create and eCommerce website with woo-commerce  and WordPress .


Most times we find ourselves wanting to make comparisons about a topic and the best way to do it is through table . Also displaying data on your website is mostly done through table display . There a lot you will like to do with table and table press plugin has made that very easy to accomplish .

Table press comes with a lot of possibilities such as :

  • Ability to export excel file for the web .
  • Ability to customize the table to your own desired design .

Table press is one plugin we have used over and over again and it has been very efficient for us when it comes to displaying of data in tabular form on our website.


Your website security should always be your top most priority . With the sucuri website security plugin , your website will be highly protected from attacks ..

Sucuri protect your website from attacks such as Malware , Ddos ,brute force and much more . over time the WordPress website security plugin had been seen as one of the best WordPress plugin out there .

Installing firewall on your website is paramount and if you have not done , kindly make sure you do that today so you don’t lose your website due to security issues .

I will advice you read up our detailed guide If you are willing to know more about how to strengthen the security of your website,


When running a business, you don’t have the whole focusing on the business because you have every other things you will have to do . That’s why the use of Akismet in your business website is very good . You don’t all the time in the world to start sorting out comments made on your website in order to know spam emails . But with Akismet the following can be done on your behalf :

Akismet helps you sort out spam comments on your website .

Akismet also helps disclose hidden url i comments in other for readers not to be mislead .

This plugin also shows the status history of comment and this is either approved or unapproved comments . The plugin let you see everything about a comments being posted .

Kindly read up our article to learn more on  how to implement and use akismet on your WordPress website

Css Hero

The beauty of WordPress most times depends on css. The beautiful layouts and design of WordPress themes are all made through css . To customize the look and feel of your WordPress website you will have to know a css.

But with the help of Css Hero you will be able to do it without learning css. It is very easy to use for the customization of your WordPress website design without having to know css . This plugin is not your normal page builder like Elementor that you make use of it is also because in order to customize this page builder widget to your own basic requirement . you will have to know css also , so with css hero all is easily done .

Read up on how to customize your WordPress website design with CssHero without knowing css.

Live Chat

Live chat is one of the best live chat software out there for instant chat messaging with website visitors .This software installed on your website helps keep you on track with your website visitors .Most visitors to your website needs instant response to their inquiring . With live chat your response rate to prospective clients inquiring becomes high and this places you in a good faith with your website visitors .

Live chat comes with a lot of features that really helps track your website visitors in real time . with this WordPress plugin installed your website you will be able to track visitors navigation’s through your website . To learn more about live chat kindly read our detailed guide on how to implement live chat on your website and increase your response rate.

Symple Short Codes

When you purchase a theme or any other WordPress website themes you purchase either free or paid . You find out that there are things that need to be added in order to achieve that , you will have to make use of short codes .

But most times this short code get deleted once you change a theme which the short code are implemented but with symple short codes you will not have to worry about the loss of the short codes when you change your website theme . The plugin has been very useful for implementation of short codes on WordPress website and this is because the plugin comes along with multiple types of short codes that you can make use of and implementation of symple short codes is easy and highly needed on your website.


WordPress does not actually support the building of website in multi languages but with the help of WPML  you will be able to do that. For businesses who serve clients from different regions in the world having a website in multi languages has been a problem .

With the help of WPML creating multi language website has been made very easy with WordPress.


If you are looking for a WordPress catching service i will recommend you make use of WpRocket . It is the best WordPress website caching plugin. It increases the load time of your website without having to implement any technical techniques .

When it is installed WordPress caching service are automatically turned on . Services such as  page cache, pre-loading and gzip compression . there are other optional setting that you can turn on settings such as CDN,  lazy image loading and DNS pre- fetching . All this setting can lead to increase in page load time .

Free image optimization service such as imagify also comes with WPROCKET in order to optimize your image for search engine . It is user friendly and highly recommended for beginners but the only disadvantage is that it is a paid plugin . There are other free caching plugin for your WordPress website but are not as effective as WP ROCKET.

Elementor Page Builder

If you are looking to build a page in WordPress from scratch without having the technical skills to do that , i will advice you make use of elementor page builder . Elementor page builder is user friendly and it is beginner friendly .

With elementor page builder you will be able to build landing pages by just dragging and dropping elementor element in order to build a good looking landing pages for your website .

This page builder comes with predefined templates in other to create landing pages freely . It is free and it also has the paid version which comes with more features.

We have detailed guide on how to build a landing page with elementor as a beginner.

Pretty Links  Pro

Pretty Links  pro is one of the links management tools for WordPress with this plugin managing of your affiliate links has been made easy .

This plugin helps you shorten your affiliate links and make it easily memorable. Affiliate marketers , business owner ,bloggers and most online marketers make use of Pretty Links Pro .


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